Nadine Lustre releases "My name is Nadine" vlog, shows glimpses of her childhood

Nadine Lustre has finally posted her first vlog on her YouTube channel.

She titled it with "My name is Nadine," and it has gone viral instantly.

As of this writing, the said clip has already gained over 9,000 views.

Through her vlog, she recalled her fun memories from when she was a child. She even included some footage from her childhood days.

Furthermore, many people were clearly delighted to watch her vlog. They also appreciated her editing skills. Here are some of their comments:

"I love how she narrated her journey and emphasized how grateful she is to everyone. She is such an inspiration for staying grounded no matter what. A woman of substance indeed!"

"Ms. Nadine is lowkey healing our childhood. I love everything about her."

Watch Nadine's vlog below: