Paolo Contis, ibinahaging nahuli ang ex noon pero ambilis nagpalusot: "Nag-alibi sa picture, ayun nalaos"

Paolo Contis, in the latest episode of "Just In," where he is the host, revealed that he once caught an ex-girlfriend cheating on him.

It was accidental because the guy, whom his ex was cheating with, sent a package full of photos of the both of them.

"Pagbukas ko, hindi siguro alam ng lalaki na ako yung magre-recieved ng package, pagbukas putsa puro pictures nila na ano sunset, naghahalikan," said Paolo.

He then narrated how his ex even had the guts to make an alibi despite the pictures speaking volumes.

"Ang palusot sa akin, 'hindi kasi photographer siya.' Anong photographer? Kayong dalawa yung nasa picture, photographer siya," Paolo narrated.

The actor said that his ex made an alibi with the picture and then "nalaos."

"Nag-alibi sa picture, ayun nalaos," he said.