Rendon Labador, tinuruan si Vice Ganda paano humingi ng sorry: “I’m sorry Rendon, di ko na uulitin”

Rendon Labador recently taught TV host-comedienne Vice Ganda on how to ask for forgiveness.

In a post on his Instagram Stories, Rendon wrote the words that he said Vice should say to him by way of a public apology.

“Tandaan mo ang password para sa katahimikan ng Pilipinas,” Rendon wrote in his IG Stories.

“I'm sorry Rendon, hindi ko na uulitin,” the social media influencer added.

He also said that the TV host-comedienne should remember that she might find herself without a show and a job if she keeps on sticking with his pride.

It can be recalled that Vice and her partner, Ion Perez, were called out by the MTRCB for allegedly committing some indecent acts involving the eating of icing on their fingers.

The controversy eventually led to the regulatory body handing down a 12-day suspension to “It’s Showtime,” where the two were among the hosts of the show.

Rendon got into the fray by posting a congratulatory note to Vice and Ion on the new milestone they reached, referring to the 12-day suspension handed down by the MTRCB.

In his recent post, the social media influencer urged Vice to apologize as he might lose his show and job if he keeps on sticking to his pride.

“Baka mawalan ka ng show dahil sa pride mo. Kawawa naman ung partner mo na umaasang lang sayo diba?” Rendon said.

Rendon Labador is a social media personality and motivational speaker. He has been very expressive when it comes to his opinions. He has also crossed swords with so many celebrities due to his pronouncements.