Kazel Kinouchi denies having a relationship with Richard Gutierrez

Famous actor Richard Gutierrez and his wife, Sarah Lahbati, have created buzz on social media lately. Netizens have speculated about a breakup after noticing that Sarah and Richard have not been spotted together in public for a few months now. Both Sarah and Richard have not addressed the rumors about their marriage.

Eventually, netizens started to speculate that Richard has a relationship with actress Kazel Kinouchi after they were allegedly spotted together along with Richard’s kids.

Here is a collage shared by Fashion Pulis that allegedly shows Kazel and Richard together:

On Instagram, Kazel said “no“ when a netizen asked her if she has a relationship with Richard. When another netizen refused to believe her answer, Kazel bravely told her accuser to “get a life.”

Here is a screenshot of the online conversation uploaded by Fashion Pulis:

Sarah Lahbati, or Sarah Alzol Lahbati, is a Filipino-Moroccan actress and performer who gained popularity as one of the finalists in the 5th season of "StarStruck," a Philippine talent search show broadcasted on GMA Network. She was hailed as the StarStruck V's Ultimate Female Survivor. Sarah is married to actor Richard Gutierrez and they have two children.