Mariel Padilla showcases her "makeup" look done by Isabella and Gabriela

Mariel Padilla, a well-known celebrity mom, made her fans and followers laugh after showcasing the makeup look her daughters did on her face.

On Monday, April 29, Mariel took to her Instagram page, @marieltpadilla, to upload two separate photos showcasing the makeup look she had.

In the viral photos, Mariel could be seen sporting a winged eyeliner and some pink lipstick and gloss, which was apparently done by Isabella.

Following this photo, the celebrity mom then showcased her eyebrows, which was done by her youngest daughter, Gabriela, amusing everyone.

In the viral photo, Mariel's eyebrows could be seen blackened all over. The celebrity mom then wrote, "Isabella did my make up. And for the finishing touch... Gab did the eyebrows."

Mariel Padilla is a famous actress and host in the Philippines. The actress became even more successful after launching her own YouTube vlog. She is married to action star Robin Padilla, with whom she has two children – Isabella and Gabriela.